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Exercising with Limited Mobility
What do you do when your world starts to turn upside down?  PANIC like most of us do.  A few years ago I fell and twisted my ankle in the middle of teaching a step aerobics class.  I had pride myself on being so careful and healthy not to cause any injury to myself, but life happens.  I had to sit out 8 weeks from teaching classes and I did not know what I was going to do with my cable TV fitness show.  Two days shy of taping a scheduled shooting I ponder what to do.  I got a idea to do the workouts from a chair.  I showed up at the TV station and said I was going to do the workout seated in a chair.  Everyone looked at me with strange looks on their faces, you see I am the producer and host of my TV show, so I call all the shots.  That was the beginning of my journey into doing seated exercise workouts.  I had no idea that it was going to take off so well.  I eventually recovered from my injury and returned back to doing standing up exercise workouts.  But something inside me said keep on making seated exercise workouts videos, so I did, that was back in 2007.  It was in 2014 that I had the back injury that caused me to modify my workouts (Watch My Story Video). I dropped all high impact workouts and lower the intensity as much as I could but their was the "Chair" looking me right in my face.  I have made it a part of mission to continue to produce seated exercise workouts as long as I live. It's part of my mission to inspire the world to exercise your heart soul and body.   I am aware that not everyone rebounds back from an injury to where they were before.  But when you come to peace with your limited mobility you enter  the road to a happy life.  What's your story?  Paul Eugene.
When Exercising with Limited Mobility
Doctor Advice
Listen To Doctor

You must be willing to listen to and exercise your doctor or physical therapist recommendations.

Body Talk
Listen To Your Body

What is your body telling you when you are exercising? Is it telling you to maintain, slow down or stop?

Self Pride
Self Pride

You have to be aware of self pride in the sense of beating your self down by comparing yourself to others.

You Should Consult Your Doctor Before Beginning Any Exercise Program.