cubii seated elliptical

Seated Elliptical Exercise

Have you tried the Seated Elliptical Exercise machine?  It’s a small compact elliptical that you can put under your desk or in front of you when watching TV or perhaps while you read book while at the same time pedaling.  I have tried it and I call it a low key exercise workout.  It was not designed for high intensity exercise.  I tried one of the major brands and within 15 minutes the wheel came off!  And I was showing it off to a group of people on zoom!  That did not go over well.

Seated Elliptical Machine

I did get a replacement.  I wanted to give a few away as Christmas gifts and requested a discount from the supplier.  They offer 30% off the retail price of $289, which amounts to $87.  I found a competitor price for just $114 which is less than that discount of $202.  I purchased the cheaper price one and got the same results of the higher prices one.  Do your comparison shopping before you buy one.

Seated Elliptical Workout Video

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