Chair Fitness Workouts Welcome Instant Video Downloads $9.95, Buy, Download, Workout Now! DVDs $14.95 (includes shipping, world wide) Time to sit and get fit! burn fat! burn calories!    Home       Full Featured Workout       DVD       Instant Video Downloads       About Me copyright 2013    All Rights Reserved  Chair Aerobics Made Fun and Easy Comments Paul, thanks so much for your workouts. I have neuropathy in both feet, have had total knee replacements in both knees. I had given up on exercise because I couldn't keep my balance, etc. I do your exercises every day now, Paul. I am losing weight, my triglycerides have gone way down. Bless you Paul. Prettybird Paul....You've got the perfect energy and attitude for me!....these other ones I've seen are for nursing homes. I need something with some spunk and you've got it....=) Delia I love this guy!!! Great for seniors, injury recovery or if you are downright determined to stay in your chair. This guys happiness makes my day. :) Angelstouch92 For Whom The workouts are for baby boomer’s, seniors, young people who want to be hip and hop, as well as everyone else to improve your health and fitness.  All you need is your body, a chair, optional hand weights and feed off the fun, energy and instructional motivation that Paul Eugene provides for you to reach your fitness goals.  So now don;t just sit..get moving and get fit! The Beginning I had a accident that sprain my ankle and I was unable film an high impact exercise workout.  I showed up at the taping and decided to do it from a chair. The rest is history, my accident has turned into a blessing for many others. Paul Eugene
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