Get Moving With Me!

You Got 18 minutes?  Great!  Let's Spark Up Your Day By "Fixing Up Your Body" Seated In A Chair.  Burn Some Fat!  Burn Some Calorie!  Feel Rejuvenated!  With International Fitness Instructor Paul Eugene, "The Active Senior."  Woo Hoo!  Hee Haw!

Aging Gracefully Doesn't Mean That You Should Slow Down!


As I look ahead I see year 60 approaching.  But I refuse to slow down.  My energy level is up and I feel great.  Despite having going through prostate cancer and a enduring a permanent back injury.


One thing I do notice is weight gain.  It did not come suddenly, it was over time after my back injury.  However as I look around I see way too many over weight baby boomers and seniors.  There are two factors I believe contribute to this: slower metabolism and inactivity.


I like the information age we live it, but has it made us lazy?  You don;t even have to get up and change the channel on the  television.  You Just sit and push a button!


It's time to challenge the weight gain and make better choices to protect your

health.  You can do this by intentionally deciding to become more active.  For example I walk more than ever.  I seek a new route to walk to the neighborhood store.  Do you remember those?


Do you want to rejuvenate your boomer and seniors years and have zest for life in the years to come?   Of course your answer is yes!  One of the first things you must decide is "Seek Out New Opportunities".  Don't fall for the notion that you are too old to learn new habits.  Remember the line "You can't teach a old dog new tricks."  Read More...




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